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live at 8:20 a.m. eastern time. >> it's time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. good morning maria. you have another storm this one is in the south. >> this is a storm we mentioned yesterday that was impacting parts of the southwest is relatively weak but now it is getting it's act together producing areas of heavy rain across southern texas and eastern texas. this is a big storm. over the next couple days we will be tracking it for possible of flooding across these areas and also for possible severe weather. we could be looking at isolated tornadoes occurring across parts of eastern texas. we will keep you posted. across parts of the midwest northeast and even in the southeast quiet weather good day for traveling. temperatures actually more than 10 degrees above average for many people here in new york city. we are talking about highs making it into the upper 40s as we head to the afternoon hours. good news for people in the northeast. otherwise pacific northeast and rockies stormy weather rain, snow still a foot of snow in the washington cascades. an avalanche
temperatures around there hovering around freezing threatening to damage crops. let's go to maria molina for your first degree weather update. >> i think mother nature is all mixed up what's happening? >> it has been strange. we have been seeing a snow drought over the midwest. you are seeing more snow or a lack of it. strange weather pattern. part of the reason we are seeing cold air is we have a big dip in the jet stream. it bottles up over canada and going southward. it is in places such as southern california. we have a jet stream off to the north that allows the warmer air to go northward producing the average temperatures. there is a change coming up. by thursday the cold air across the west is headed eastbound and we are seeing much colder temperatures more january like across places in the northeast. i hope everybody enjoyed it. you have one more day. 60 degrees in raleigh and atlanta. 60 in tampa. west ward that's where the cold air is your current temperature not windchill but actual thermometer temperature is 4 below zero in denver 2 below in rapid city. very chilly high tempe
and navigate the streets. let's check in with maria molina. she is tracking the storm as it moves east. >> the storm not over with just yet heading out over the northeast. already producing snow across pennsylvania and new york. even freezing rain across mid atlantic early this morning expecting it to be producing travel headaches. there is a little bit of warm air behind it. you will be seeing above that winter weather over to rains across most of the northeast including places like new york city and philadelphia and mid atlantic. we have winter weather advisories in effect. a couple inches of snow are affected across new york, pennsylvania and even into northern portions of the state of virginia and freezing across north carolina. you are looking at temperatures at the surface around freezing. we will see the possibility for icing on the roadways this morning. it could be thickening up to bring down branchs as well. thi shot of the snow new york, pennsylvania the pink shading is where we have the freezing rain. it has been reported across places in washington, d.c. a big warm stwr wa
able to pass the puck around in his backyard. >> now for the first degree weather update maria molina. still the weird temperatures out west we are told warm here. >> it will be a little weird today. making the most out of the coraled air. still looking at the temperatures below freezing across arizona. 39 right now in los angeles. if you live out here across the west we will be seeing temperatures on a warming trend over the next several days. be back to normal by the end of this week. in the northeast back to normal the last couple days as temperatures are dropping. we are already feeling a little bit of that across new york city early this morning. 36 degrees right now 27 in cleveland. the frontal boundary stalled out across the east producing showers rain and even freezing rain on the northern side of that storm system that is causing huge concerns across parts of mississippi. we have already picked up half an inch of ice accumulation which is dangerous for any one doing any driving. not going to move a whole lot. inpeeror portions of the east could be seeing snowfall and couple i
as well. let's go to maria molina whith what's going on today. >> we are looking at more ice accumulating across places like tennessee and kentucky and portions of mississippi and even places in the northeast dealing with some of the snow and also the freezing rain. we have freezing rain across the east. a quarter of an inch in the suburbs west of the city. we could have glaze on the roadways. snow over parts of new england. higher snowfall accumulations 3-5 inches of snow forecast. not a huge deal in terms of the snow. please be careful on the roads. lacking at freezing rain across area wesle and portions of kentucky. we have areas of plain rain across alabama and georgia. take a look at jackson that area to the north of you we have the freezing rain in jackson. temperatures holding up to show the rain refreeze. we have warnings in effect through tennessee and mississippi and northeastern portions of louisiana. talking about anywhere from 3-5 inches of snow forecast up state new york and southern new england into the state of maine. less than two-thirds of the country very chilly. 29 in
comes a a -- strong winds comes a bitter cold snap. for more let's go to maria molina. >> we are not looking at cold temperatures across the areas of the midwest but also in the oifrt ea northeast. we didn't get this cold in places like the northeast. take a look at portions of the midwest. 6 below zero the current temperature in minneapolis. that is not the windchill. it feels even colder and some places will be looking at windchill temperatures more than 20 degrees below zero. we are talking about dangerous conditions across places in the upper midwest. make sure your home is winterized. we are only going to be seeing a hyatt 4 below zero 8 degrees below zero in far go. 45 dc and into the 30s. the cold air is headed eastbound and highs in the teens across chicago in the 20s in new york city and wednesday only 18 for the high in boston. cold air moving over we will be seeing lake-effect snow and we haven't seen that across portions of west michigan. it will be developing right offshore of the northeast. we will be seeing a little bit of snow in new york city. more accumulati
degree weather update maria molina. >> less of the nation waking up with cold temperatures and with snow in some areas. >> especially lake-effect snow that kicked up across the lake you have cold air going over the lake waters. we are talking feet of snow in some of those areas right off the lake. i want to talk about how cold it is in the midwest and into the northeast. it has been years for some of us. you factor in the wind that's really what makes it feel so cold. we have windchill warnings in effect across portions of wisconsin and minnesota. widespread advisories across iowa and areas of the northeast. up state new york and northern parts of new england where we have the windchill warnings. what it means is it is so cold it is dangerous if you are not properly bundled up. 12 below zero is what it feels like when you head out the door in places across minnesota much worse more than 20 degrees below zero. we will keep you posted. >>> let's apple the number one y in the world this year. lauren simonetti has more. >> most popular companies what are they? >> these are expected to be the
in with maria molina to see if there is any relief in sight. a big region of the country really cold today. >> very cold temperatures dangerously cold with frostbite and hypothermia being concerns. we have windchill warnings in effect in those areas. otherwise take a look at the windchill temperatures. still cold out there 17 below zero in mine not north dakota. 7 below zero in international falls. it feels like 1 degree below. you say it's january it's supposed to be cold. these are colder than usual. sipping el digits on average mid 20s, 24 degrees. chicago 25 degrees for the high today on average 31 degrees. and in new york city high temperatures today 21 degrees. the average is at about 38 degrees. the cold air is here to stay through at least the weekend for many of us. 3 day forecast new york city still in the 20s through friday. chicago the same goes for you on friday. minneapolis a bit of a warm-up by thursday and fridayment fridge i had when you factor in the winds. bad news if you live in the northeast we are talking about snow. bad news if you don't like the snow. cold air settl
with the coldest air in four years heading to the midwest. maria molina joins with us the frigid forecast straight ahead. >> arthel: plus, so much buzz about tablets and smart phones, but a new wave of laptops featuring windows 8 is now hitting the stores. coming up, "consumer reports" helps you pick out the right one maybe that won't leave you hankering for small gadgets. >> arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. late breaking details on the rapidly changing situation out of algeria involving several american hostages. according to a state news agency, the for-day stand-off has officially ended in a final bloody assault, leaving several militants and hostages dead. right now we're still awaiting official word from the state department about the fate of the americans involved. but the white house has just issued a statement from the president. it reads in part: we have been in constant contact with algerian officials and stand ready to provide whatever assistance they need in the aftermath of this attack. this attack is another reminder of the threat posed by al-qaeda and other violent extremist
. time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. you are tracking another storm? where is this one? >> we are tracking a grand new storm system across portions of the southwest of the u.s. this one will he will be tracking the next couple days because it could be bring heavy rain in the plains and possibility of severe weather. of course a watch on the storm system. i want to start out with the current temperatures they are close to where they should be this time of year. 30s in new york city in the 20s minneapolis and in the 30s a chilly start to your day in dallas texas. temperature currently 33 degrees. i have good news for the eastern two-thirds of the country. you will start to notice a bit of a warming trend. we will be looking at temperatures above average. first week of january started out on a very cold note temperatures below average now we are going to see a shift in the weather pattern good news with temperatures a little warmer than what is typical. as we head into portions of florida we have lingering showers across central parts of the state. we will cont
of that fuel has spilled. that is your 5@5:00. >> it is time for maria molina who survived times square on new year's eve temperatures drop ago little bit. >> it is getting cold out there across pretty much most of the country anywhere in the west into portions of the midwest. the exception is southeast including florida and georgia. that's where you are looking at temperatures not too bad for the month of january. 17 in minneapolis 13 chicago. 23 degrees in new york city. the thing is when you factor in the wind it feels so much colder in places like new york city where right now your current windchill temperatures are 12 degrees burlington, vermont windchill of 3 degrees. in bangor, maine, 3 degrees below zero. it has to be terrible close to what it feels like on top of a building at the end of december. taking a look at precipitation we are looking at dry conditions across portions of the midwest. there are snow showers across at y areas. we could be looking at snowfall accumulation. northern shore of virginia and the carolinacarolinas. eastern portions of the carolinas on the wet side. sou
for americans. the coldest air in four years hitting the nation's midsection tonight. maria molina is live for us in the weather center. >> we are talking about cold temperatures across portions of the upper midwest with high temperatures that aren't going to make it above 0 degrees in the next couple days. 6 degrees in minneapolis and below that across areas of northern minnesota and north dakota. we made it above zero today. tomorrow martin luther king day 5 degrees above is 0 that's as warm as you get in minneapolis. factor in the winds to that it will feel colder. 9 degree below in far go. by tuesday they will moderate across portions of the midwest. the colder air will move eastbound affecting us across portions of the corridor. 27 will be the high in boston. 24 in new york city and in dc only 20 degrees for a high by then as we kickoff the workweek. colder air in areas over the great lakes producing lake mekt snow. across places in lake erie. tomorrow harrison it's a big day in dc and temperatures will be quite chilly we could make it to 42 degrees in the afternoon. again that cold a
at this hour, freezing rain and sleet and snow falling now. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox weather center with the latest. >> that's right, we're looking at dangerous weather across the areas of the midwest, great lakes and eventually actually into the northeast as we head into tomorrow just in time for your monday morning commute and we're talking about ice accumulation possible from the freezing rain and we're seeing reports across places in the midwest of trees coming down because of-- or tree branches coming down because of this ice accumulating out there. could be half a mch of ice in some areas and we do have freezing rain advisories in effect and winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings, not just freezing rain, but a couple of inches of snowfall accumulation and as far as the snow right now. the freezing rain and area shaded in pink through pourings of oh pourings-- portions of ohio and as far as snow goes, generally less than six inches, good news across the area and michigan, off to wisconsin not too much snow, but worse to see the icing across the roads out the
'll have much more on the wild weather coming up in a few minutes, with meteorologist maria molina. tonight marks exactly three years ago, an earthquake hit haiti and took out nearly every structure in certain sections of that country. and it took lives, 250,000 people killed. it left so many more homeless. today, haiti is still in crisis mode with some 350,000 people living in camps. and all that money that was promised is somehow not getting there. we're told not even half of the 5 billion dollars pledged by donors have been delivered. and still, progress is being made. most of the rubble from the collapsed building is gone and they built more than 80 schools. among those dedicated to seeing haiti rise again, fox news channel's own greta van susteren, she traveled to haiti in the aftermath of the quake and returned many times and greta put on a special report on haiti and airs tonight. and here is a clip. >> there is a special home. >> take a look behind me, this is, these kids have absolutely nothing two years ago. >> and because of the work and contributions of many you, samaritan's pur
again. folks there nowhere near out of the woods. maria molina, they're not used to this kind of weather. >> they've been looking at very cold temperatures for today and actually been above average over the last couple of weeks. it's kind of a shocker when you've been used to the warm temperatures and now reality check comes in and it's january and it's supposed to be cold. that's what we're dealing with out west. severe weather, we have that possibility anywhere from northeastern portions of texas, in through portion of kentucky and we've seen some severe weather across portions of indiana. one town in particular that was in a tornado warning is evansville. we have a brand-new tornado warning that's been issued out until 30 past the hour. this does include pike county in southwest indiana and northern warrick county. seek shelter if you live here. you got to seek shelter. we could possibly is a tornado on the ground out there in those counties that mentioned. severe weather today can come not just in the form of tornadoes, but even damaging wind gusts gusts and hail from f the storms. l
maria molina is live for us in the fox weather center. >> good to see you, that's right, we're talking about very cold temperatures across portions of the upper midwest with high temperatures that aren't even going to make it above zero degrees in the coming days, right now already starting to feel it. 6 degrees right now in the city of minneapolis and below that across areas in northern minnesota and also north dakota. so, for today we did make it above zero, tomorrow, martin luther king day, as warm as it's going to get in minneapolis and that's the actual temperature not the wind chill so you factor in the winds to that, and it will feel colder. 9 degrees below zero in fargo and that will moderate across the midwest, but single digits and that colder air is going to move eastbound and impacting us on the i-95 corrid corridor, in d.c., 20 degrees for your high and the colder air moving over the great lakes, lake effect snow up to a foot in possible, lake ontario and erie, and harris, tomorrow, it's a big day in d.c. and temperatures are going to be chilly. we could make it to 42 in t
a huge mess along the roads in missouri. this morning there are still tornado warnings in place. maria molina is tracking all of the severe weather and hadz the latest. >> it is a very rough start to the day across the great lakes and into portions of ohio valley and tennessee valley. we have severe weather to talk about not just in the form of tornadoes but damaging wind gusts and large hail. also looking at the at the possibility of flooding. eastern kentucky and tennessee. many of the watches will be in effect through out the morning hours the latest will go until noon right around basically eastern portions of kentucky. storms continue to head eastbound. we have warm air ahead of this system. we have strong storms tornado warnings also in effect to the east in the city of nashville and eastern portions of the state of kentucky. we have possibility of tornadoes currently on the ground. a widespread risk through alabama mauned the carolinas and as far north as southern pennsylvania. warm air ahead of this system. temperatures ahead of it right now at this hour in the 50s in raleigh n
. >> hey, it's okay. >> all those buttons. >> fantastic. >> check in with maria molina upstairs in the weather center in for rick reichmuth. >> good morning, you guys. good morning, everyone. today we will be looking at temperatures pretty much where they should be at right across the country. as we head into the next several days. i have good news for many of you he is sprnlly across areas in the northeast. we will be observing temperatures warmer than this time the year. we will make it into just shy of 50 degrees here in new york city over the next several days. before that, current temperatures right now 39 in dallas. definitely a chilly morning for you. only 29 degrees in raleigh, north carolina. as we head into the afternoon hours. we will be warming up into the upper 50s in the city of dallas. 36 for you in chicago. low 50s across atlanta and also the city of raleigh, north carolina. we are actually going to be tracking a little bit of snow today across places in the central plains. already seeing some of that across parts of oklahoma and kansas. eventually, you guys, we
clubs and hooka parlors. >> boy, have i been living under a rock. let's check with maria molina in for rick reichmuth. >> good morning, everyone, we're tracking, actually very chilly weather across places across the country, especially in the midwest, you're seeing temperatures as chilly as the teens. 15 in rapid city, 17 in minneapolis, and only 14 in denver. the northeast, not too bad. it is january, supposed to be chilly and 34 in new york city and further west in cleveland, we're seeing a current temperature at 35 degrees. what we have to deal with this morning, overnight hours have been some areas of snow across the places in the northeast including new york city and hasn't accumulated across the northeast and flurries flying around and pretty much over with in new york city and seeing the flakes around massachusetts, places in new england, across vermont, new hampshire and moving. >> alisyn: places in the southern state of maine and temperatures too warm to see any snowfall and showers and areas of light rain across southeastern parts of louisiana, new orleans, georgia and
to way below zero. maria molina live in the fox weather center. nasty stuff out there maria. >> reporter: yeah, jon we have a possible storm on friday across the northeast that will be bumping some snow. we have to deal with lake-effect-snow downward of the great lakes, that could produce one to three feet of snow. cleveland could see about a foot of it with lake-effect-snow warnings in effect. what sets the stage for the no effect is cold air mass from canada which has impacted portions of the midwest, great lakes and the east. these are your t-l temperatures. right now it's 20 degrees below zero in international falls. 7 below zero in the city of minneapolis. you factor in the wind and it feels even colder. it feels right now like 33 degrees below zero in national falls. it's dangerous, you're talking about frostbite and hype tow thaoerpl yeah if you don't properly bundle up. these temperatures are so extreme that parts of minnesota delayed the start of school or canceled school today. you know it's really bad when minnesota is so used to the cold is canceling school out there. in farg
injured by lightening. maria molina is joining us now with the latest in the fox weather center. >> very dangerous weather in store for us across the east today as. we want to update you on the latest tornado warning issued for northern central portions of the state of georgia, also north pourings of georgia. basically law enforcement has spotted a funnel cloud coming out from one of the thunderstorms that's been producing rotation. it could be seconds before that tornado is on the ground. fit is not so already. if you live in cherokee county, pick kings county. barto county. ford county or gordon county, this is northwestern georgia, and north central georgia as well you need to seek shelter immediately. there could currently be a tornado on the ground or very shortly. this is moving at 60 miles per hour. the storms race toward the north and east and we are look at a widespread risk for severe storms not just in georgia but stretching from portions of the northern florida sections to the florida panned handle up into sections of pittsburg. pennsylvania looking at a severe weather risk t
. will they warm up before the weekend is over? maria molina will tell us what is going on in the fox weather center. >> we are looking at very cold temperatures. 30 degrees below average in the west and rockies and in the northern plainns. we had a strong cold front move through here and temperatures are 30 degrees cooler today . factor in the winds and it feels colder. look at current wind chill temperatures it feels like 26 degrees below zero and 18 below zero in bis mark. it is frigit in the afternoon hours. the snow is over with in places in the northern plains and upper midwest. we had six inches of snowfall . they are lingering in parts of south dakota. we are already tracking our next storm system that could produce seveerr weather in the mississippi valley and very heavy rain. five inches expected and flooding will be a concern. >> wow, it is unbelievable the temperatures we are seeing. >> very warm indeed. >> what is trending right now on fox >> millions was americans are shocked when they open up the paychecks and with the new year came higher taxes. the pay roll tax cut
with it the threat of flooding meteorologist maria molina. very active on the weather map right now. >> good to see you. we are not just talking about flooding but looking at severe weather that's possible across northeastern portions of texas and also western parts of kentucky. we have even been seeing tornado watches issued across indiana and southwestern parts of that state where we have had funnel clouds reported with some of these thunderstorms, again looking at severe weather possible out here including you in arkansas. we have been seeing he heavy ran as well. isolated tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail head into the overnight hours os the storm slowly continues to push towards the north and the east been issued for the state of arkansas that does go into midnight tonight. central time. and we have been seeing rainal rates inch an hour in some of these storms. there have been rain fall accumulations of 1 to 3 inches. locally though more will be possible and that's why we are looking at that possibly flooding out here there are a number of watches that have been issues as far as fl
degree weather update from maria molina. >> more snow out west across the rockies but want to focus on portions of the midwest. we will be seeing rough weather today. i want to start out with the temperatures. right now it is so early in the morning we are looking at temperatures into the 70s. 69 in kansas city. very warm out here. that is a bad sign because we have the fuel that the thunderstorms need to fire up later on today and produce severe weather. we are expecting a severe weather outbreak stretching across eastern portions of texas up through portions of southern indiana. widespread storm area. they have issued a moderate risk area across sashiarkansas north parts of mississippi. we have a chance to see tornadoes some damaging wind gusts and large hail. if you live out here stay alert through out the day today. you could be seeing warnings issued through out the area. otherwise they have more severe weather forecasts in florida through the mid lant tick. -- mid atlantic. >> we know why barbara walters has been in the hospital. she has a rare adult case of the chickenp chick
, an all star line up of fox talent including maria molina and what would new year's eve westbound out our guy? 11,000 babies will be born on new year's eve. think about that. what a great birthday. hopefully on the ground that, is not where greg gut feld will find himself tonight. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. 11,000 babies that will all look like bob beckel. scary. don't you think? >> scary. >> i'm seeing a lot of famous people. i thought i saw pierce morgan. it was a discarded lampe. my mistake. very questions i want to skt crowd. how are you doing sni want to ask you. what is confetti made out of? >> i don't know. >> it's not paper. it's confetti is made from the hair of dead clowns. it's true. another question? another question. what animal is the ball closest to in size? >> whale! >> elephant. >> it is the elephant. curiously enough i told bill hammer that. he said won't it be great if we dropped an elephant instead. i said bill, you're crazy. he said it would be awesome. i said hammer you're a sick, sick man. you should northbound prison. >> i'm just saying try it one ye
with maria molina. >>maria: good morning. good to see you guys. we're talking about very mild temperatures across portions of the plains and the southeast. while it seems like good news -- temperatures in the 70's early this morning in texas. 68 right now in kansas city and 57 degrees in chicago. it is january. that is extremely mild so early this morning. this is an ominous sign we have severe weather we're expecting. we have a strong cold front that is going to head eastbound and have that fuel from these warm temperatures to fire up strong storms that could produce tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail. in the storm prediction center, a branch of noaa issued a moderate risk for parts of arkansas, tennessee, mississippi and northern louisiana where we have a greater chance to see longer track tornadoes. otherwise widespread severe weather expected from texas to portions of indiana. if you live out here, stay alert. you've got to seek shelter if you get warnings. damaging winds a big concern. they could be in excess of 70 miles per hour. a tornado watch has been issued this mornin
able to pass the puck. maria molina joins us now. maria, it is not frozen everywhere like it is there in arizona, but it is chilly in the middle. >>maria: very cold out west. we have temperatures still below freezing across places in arizona. you're going to continue to enjoy that hockey. but as we head into the next couple of days, you're going to be seeing temperatures rise all across the west. good news for you guys. back to more normal levels out there across the west. across the northeast also returning to normal. temperatures much chillier today. 36 now in new york city. those temperatures will continue to drop over the next several days. by friday we're looking at a high temperature in new york city around 30 degrees. we have a frontal boundary across portions of the east producing areas of rain across portions of the mid-atlantic. this front will retreat across the northeast by tonight producing areas of snow, accumulating three to six inches across interior sections of the northeast. across the south, a half an inch of ice across northern portions of louisiana, mi
of a renovation project. a wild day in that region. maria molina live in the weather center. >>maria: bitterly cold across places in the midwest, great lakes and the northeast. we're starting to feel impacts of this cold air digging out from canada across the i-95 corridor in places like new york city and boston. it's currently 1 degree in chicago, 8 degrees in cleveland. in minneapolis 9 degrees below zero for your current temperature. that is your actual temperature on the thermometer. not your wind chill. factor in the wind and it feels closer. minnesota feels like 26 below degrees. 29 below in fargo and almost 40 below in international falls. dangerously cold conditions if you're not properly bundled up. feels like 6 degrees in philadelphia and 12 below zero in buffalo. because it's so-called and we're talking about frostbite being a concern and hyperthermia, we have wind chill warnings in effect in states like minnesota, parts of wisconsin and wind chill advisories in portions of new york. in effect for several days because we're expecting the cold to continue here in new york city throug
for drivers to see what's ahead of them. the storm is still on the move so let's check in with maria molina in the weather center to look at how this monday is going to be. look at that big white blob behind you. >>maria: winter weather advisories stretching across the northeast. that messy weather that was in place across the midwest is going to be in place across the northeast. if you're doing flying today, boston, new york city, big airport hubs, expect to see delays. we're not just going to see snow in these areas but there is sleet and freezing rain. we have freezing rain advisories as far as south as south carolina lie in a. that is what is going to produce possible icing. be careful on the roadways throughout the day. we're seeing snow coming down across upstate new york, pennsylvania. drive slowly, especially during the morning hours today because it's going to be slippery out there. i want to point out behind the storm system we're going to be seeing a significant warmup across the northeast, places in the southeast and also in the midwest. chicago, one city in particular, by tuesd
maria molina live from the fox weather center. maria? >> jon, good to see you. that's right, the storm is heading now to the northeast already bringing snow to places like new york city, pennsylvania and upstate new york and new england. we have widespread winter advisories out across these areas. we had freezing rain advisory across portions of the mid-atlantic where he were actually seeing some freezing rain around the d.c. area and across portions of the state of west virgina and the state of virginia. thankfully we have milder air. that will be winter weather into rainfall by later on today. good news for some of us. we'll see a rise in temperatures. we have to see upstate new york. parts of vermont, new hampshire, accumulations as far as the snow goes, not too bad. generally speaking less than six inches for most. the problem is the ice that could aaccumulate on the snow. that is the area shaded in pink. we're looking at areas of freezing rain across pennsylvania and upstate new york. again you could be looking at slippery drives conditions along roadways. and the airports are exp
're watching this and its pat. meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox news weather center. maria, what do we have coming our way here? >> martha, good to see you. good morning, everyone. we have the storm that impacted portions of the midwest t brought down tree branches with ice accumulation across places in the midwest. now the storm is impacting the northeast. we have number of winter weather advisories through portions of new england, upstate new york and d.c., baltimore area where we were looking at reports of freezing rain and snow across that region. not that region is used to this kind of weather. a messy morning commute and as we head through the afternoon hours, mild air south of the storm will head northbound and eventually transition most of this winter mess into rainfall. by the evening commute you would be looking a lot better across portions of the northeast. right now the snow is coming down across places in upstate new york. not expecting too much accumulation. six inches, or two to three inches for most of you as far as the snow goes. it is really the ice that is bigg
. meteorologist maria molina joins us in the fox news weather center. hey maria. >> good to see you. we're seeing cold temperatures across the midwest and great lakes. we're seeing mild temperatures across the last weeks and months. finally back to reality. it is january. it is supposed to be cold. it will be dangerously cold. look at current temperatures. these are the actual numbers on the thermometer, not wind chilled value. green bay, nine below zero and minneapolis. and 27 degrees below zero in international falls. feels like 2 below in the city of des moines. temperatures frigid across places in interior northeast. 10 below zero in pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse. single digits feels like in philadelphia and new york city. feels like 10 degrees in the city of boston. cold temperatures affecting places along the i-95 corridor. cold temperatures are here to stay not only today but as we head into wednesday and thursday. you have to bundle up. we have windchill warnings and advisories. because it starts to get this cold out we're talking about frostbite being a concern and hypotherm yu. if advis
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